Hi, I'm Wendy

I'm married with 3 boys.  I enjoy cooking, aerobics, running, eating out and generally love food!  Having struggled with my weight since childhood, I am now at my slimmest and have been for 10 years.  The key to this has been a lifestyle change, adopting healthy eating habits and increasing my activity levels.

I am an experienced Weight Loss Consultant, previously working for a multi-national weight loss organisation for six years.
I felt that with larger groups I wasn’t able to dedicate enough time to provide the necessary help and support that so many people need when trying to lose weight and have now launched my own Weight Management Consultancy business running smaller groups and one to one sessions.

With a nutritional background in the Food Industry and a Diploma in Weight Management & Consultancy, I am offering more nutritional information to smaller groups, helping clients really understand what and how much they are eating and its effect on their body. Having lost weight myself after years of struggling, I understand the psychology of eating and behavioural changes required to keep weight off long term and coach clients individually through these to achieve their own personal weight loss goals.

As your Weight and Nutrition Consultant I will focus on improving your wellbeing and encouraging you to consistently integrate simple steps and healthy eating habits into your life permanently. I love motivating clients and I will tailor my clean eating approach personally to your specific weight-loss needs.